LBM farming assistance

LBM disciple’s villages in farming activities

Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy of Ghana and since we do a lot of ministry in rural areas, it is our dream to get involved as well as support our such farming communities. In the Ve Community which is basically a farming area, we have acquired 20 acres of land slated for commercial farming. We have also built a farm house with assistance from friends. The 2.5 are land in Dawa had also been used for maize and pepper farming until the decision to use the place for a Senior High School in the near future.

Moringa and maize farming supported by goat rearing started here but we were faced some financial as well as human challenges. We have had some fire outbreaks also but still trust that the 20 acre facility is a gift to us to garner resources for the preaching of the gospel. We have sought expert advice from specialists on the land usage. Our experts maintain that perma-culture will enable us achieve so much. By this principle, we can have further multiple uses such as fish farming and growing essential horticultural species of crops.

In view of our determination to see our church environments and people become better economically, we had in the past organized seminars to train both farmers and farmer based organizations. This vision shall be kept alive to ensure that we are not only concerned about heaven but what helps our people whilst they wait for Jesus’ return to take us to home.