Precious Kids Academy - Ashaiman
Precious Kids Academy - Ashaiman

Pre-school Graduation 2014

Mission – To bring up the individual child to be able to face life qualitatively and meaningfully by affecting their totality – spirit, soul and body.

Vision – To raise academically and highly competitive children who are Christ like and disciplined in morals and attitude. We aim for a structurally modern school with the needed systems to enhance teaching and learning in our time and age.

What needs to be said about the school is that it is providing a down-to-earth academic environment coupled with a high level of ethically inclined learning environment in the slum community of Ashaiman which is obviously a poor community. It is imperative therefore to say that the School – Precious Kids Academy is a pro-poor school not just interested in maintaining the status quo but interested in bringing transformation through educating and re-engineering the fortunes of its inhabitants (the most vital and dynamic of the – youth and children).

There is substantial evidence to support the fact that running the Precious Kids Academy in the professional way in which it is done now has high potentials for the future of our kids and also for the profitable motives of the founders. However, the missing link is the fundamental capital investment – particularly to provide the necessary infrastructure such as basic classrooms and furniture for both students and teachers. Take for instance, the immediate need of a classroom space for the growing school in the final year of the Junior High School which is also the pioneer class of the Precious Kids Academy. There is also the need for a staff common room to help the teachers develop the necessary tools and skills for teaching and learning to improve on the current situation. Then added to this is the need for a head teacher’s office facility. Currently, the head teacher and the co-director of the school share the same facility which also doubles as her counseling hall, a bookshop and the reception for parents seeking help with issues related to the children in the school.

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